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Ferries Bari Bar

You can book your ferry ticket from Bari to Bar on NetFerry online booking. Italy and Montenegro are connected by ferries allowing passengers to enjoy their sailing in relaxation and with all comforts and services as the opportunity to embark your vehicle, car, campers etc on board.

Ferry Companies  Bari Bar

Montenegro Lines is the ferry company operating all the year round and connecting Italy to Montenegro. The company has 2 ferries transporting passengers: Sveti Stefan and Sveti Stefan II, operating on the Bari Bar route.

Bari Bar Frequency and duration times departures

Montenegro Lines operates on the Bari Bar route with 5 sailings weekly, taking about 9 hours.

Fares and prices Bari Bar

Fares and prices for your ferry ticket from Bari to Bar depends on some factors as age of passengers, season of travel, desired accommodation, kind of vehicle on board and the possibility of an “early booking”.

Offers, specials discount and promotions Bari Bar

Discover on Netferry online booking special deals travelling by ferry with Montenegro Lines, as the 20% reduction on your round trip. You can also contact the NetFerry call centre for further information about special prices and deals.

Bari Bar Ferry Booking

On NetFerry. com it will be easy and fast to book your ferry ticket for the Bari Bar route. You can choose to reserve your ferry ticket on Netferry online booking or contact the NetFerry call centre and get reservation with one of NetFerry operator.